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Corn Flour Milling

There are four basic steps to accomplish the corn flour milling process.

1.First the incoming corn is pre-cleaned.
2.The next step in the process, corn will be de-germinated or polished prior to milling through a flour mill.
3.Sifting is not required if milled through a hammer mill.
4.At last, pack the corn flour into bags.

50TPD corn flour milling

Corn Flour Milling Process

corn flour milling process

We use dry corn milling technology for the production of grits, consisting of main steps such as corn cleaning, conditioning, debranning, de-germing, sifting, and adopts the advanced technology of germ separation which ensures the purest albumen. The capacity we can do is from 20TPD - 500TPD.

Main Equipments in Corn Flour Milling Process

Corn degerming & slag-breaking machine
 corn= Under the comprehensive action of blade rotor and tooth plates, there would be collision and friction for corn, corn endosperm structure would be damaged, at the same time, the strong intensity of endosperm and embryo would be damaged. Thus to reach the purpose of peeling, degerming and breaking.This series products are ideal for corn deep processing factory, alcohol plants, corn oil plant and animal feed factory.

Horizontal slag-breaking machine
horizontal corn slag-breaking machine Corn is crushed in plate blades under the comprehensive effect of mutual extrusion, collision and friction between the grains. The skin would be peeled and endosperm is broken into four or five pieces, then the complete endosperm would be removed.

Corn germ sorting machine
corn germ sorting machine This equipment is used to separate germ and slag according to their different gravity and suspension speed. When the material go into the directional moving sieve in a slipe angle, the slag would flow into one discharge end. Thus the slag would be separated from germ.

Corn peeling machine
corn peeling machine This machine is a peeling machine with dry method. With the cooperation of roller and sieve cylindrical screen, the skin, germ and impurities can be removed by milling and sieving. It adopts vacuum suction separation, with the advantages of peeling net, low broken rate and high precision.

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