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Corn Germ Oil Extraction

The corn germ is the necessary part of the corn grain to make corn oil and it can also be used in feed formulations. Usually the corn/maize germ is around 8% percentage in the total corn grain, and the corn/maize germ’s oil content is approx. 50%. The corn crops are abounded in the American countries and China is also the big country to plant corn.

corn germ oilThe corn germ oil contains much saturated fatty acids (80% palmitic acid, 14% stearic acid and 3% arachidic acid). And it is also rich in protein, amino acids, vitamin E (tocopherol), beta-sitostiron and phytin. So it is widely used for cooking oil, biodiesel and sometimes used as ingredient in the margarines. What’s more, it is relatively less expensive than most other types of vegetable oil.

corn germ oil processing line

What is the method of corn germ oil extraction?

Most of the corn germ oil is pressed out by the screw press machine/screw expellers, and some of them is obtained by the solvent extraction way.

corn germ oil refining
Corn Germ Oil Refining

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