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Cottonseed Oil Extraction

cottonseed oilCotton seed is the seed of the cotton plant. It is abounded in Asian,North American, European countries, such as China, America, the Soviet Union, India, Pakistan, Brazil, India, Egypt, etc.

And it is widly used in our life, for example, the cotton seed meal is usually obtained after we extract oil from the seed, it is good source of protein. The cotton hulls are also important animal fodder material, as it is with high nutrients, for example, 23% protein, 25% crude fibre and 20% high-energy value.

And another important usuage is the cotton seed oil. The cotton seed contains 14-25% oil usually. It is pressed out in the kernel of the cottonseed and used as cooking oil and salad dressings. It is used in many processed foods, such as, cereals,bread and snack foods, because it is cheaper than olive and canola oil.

Cottonseed Oil Extraction

cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing

Cottonseed has a similar hard shell to other oilseeds such as sunflower seed, which has oil core surrounded by a hard shell, therefore, cottonseed oil extraction from the kernel.

cottonseed oil extraction

Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant

cottonseed oil extraction

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