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Mini Oil Mill

What is Mini Oil Mill

A mini oil mill is a small capacity machine designed to produce edible oil from a variety of oil seeds of which sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, cotton and peanuts kernels etc seeds used as raw materials. It can also produce non-edible oil used in different applications. Several of such machines can also be connected to form a small oil press assembly line.

mini oil mill seeds


  • It is easy to install and operate.
  • It requires minimal investment.
  • It occupies minimal space.
  • It processes oil from different oil seeds.
  • It consumes less power but has high production efficiency.
  • It is easy to maintain, which translates to low maintenance cost.

The Press Parts of Mini Oil Mill

mini oil mill

A mini oil mill can be of manual or automatic type. It is worth pointing out that a mini oil mill can be designed to produce oil from specific seeds or from a variety of seeds.

  • Decorticator – This is the part that shells oil seed.
  • Boiler – The baby boiler provides the necessary steam to the cooking unit (kettle) that cooks the oil seed to extract oil.
  • Oil expeller – This is the part that crushes the cooked oil seed to extract oil that is directed to a small oil tank.
  • Filter press – This is the part that filters the extracted oil in the oil tank. Most filter presses are made of a fine mesh of cloth that filters the crude oil from oil tank to produce clean pure oil.

Mini Oil Mill Suppliers

There are different mini oil mill models in the market. These are manufactured by different companies in different parts of the world. Suppliers of mini oil mill machines is mainly done by either specialized or general machinery dealers contracted by manufacturers. However, manufactures also sell their machines directly to consumers in need of the same.

Both manufacturers and dealers of oil mill machinery do provide the necessary operation and maintenance training for machinery they sell for the benefit individuals and groups in need of setting up mini oil mill plants. Such individuals or groups also provided with the necessary support and parts whenever the need arises.

Benefits of Mini Oil Mill

The economic benefits of mini oil mill plants cannot be overlooked. Availability of the mills has made it possible for rural farmers to produce their own edible oil at a lower cost for their own consumption and for sale. Furthermore, such farmers also receive addition income from sale of seed cake that remains after extraction of oil, which is used in the manufacturer of animal feed and production of other products.

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