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Small Scale Oil Mill Plant

Consumption of edible oil is increasing every year with the improving human economic life. In the modern world of market revolution, mechanization in production is a cardinal indicator of a resultant upward thrust from the forces of demand and supply. A similar kind of revolution in the manufacturing of cooking oil has been propelled with the increasing technological innovations in the manufacture of oil mills. Most important of the innovations is the small scale oil mill plant that has enabled small scale producers to produce oil and have a share of the oil market.

A small scale oil mill plant is classified as small scale in consideration to its production capacity. It has an output varying between 5 to 10 TPD (Tons per Day) and can either be fully automated or semi-automated. The level of automation determines the additional labor requirements. A small scale oil mill plant is the solution to business people who want to venture into edible oil production but are constrained with capital and/or expertise to run large scale or medium scale oil producing factories.

Small scale oil mill plant comes with several advantages

  • It is easy and cheaper to install as it requires little expertise and lower installation manpower.
  • It is also requires relatively little expertise to run and comparatively lower cost in maintenance.

small scale oil mill plant

The small scale oil mill plant comes with the following parts:

Oil press machine It is the main equipment in a small scale oil mill plant. It is a mechanical method for extracting oil from raw materials. Different models of screw expellers are used according to different capacity and oil seeds to be processed.
Cooker It is used to warm up the oil seeds before it is pressed. Every crop material has its most suitable crushing temperature, so the temperature and water content is adjusted before pressing to increase oil output from the small scale oil mill plant.
Filter Press In a small scale oil mill plant, a filter press is used to purify the crude vegetable oils after pressing, the filtering machine utilizes a fine-mesh filtering cloth that comes fitted when you purchase.

For producers planning to start a small scale oil mill plant, you are advised to seek expert advice from approved bodies so that you know the right kind of seed and your target market. It will give you value for your money in your milling. Producers who have began with small scale oil mill plants have earned big profits and have grown their businesses to larger scales. Get a small scale oil mill plant today and grow.

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