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Oil Mill Plant

Oilseed crops can extract oil as the main purpose of crops, this kind of crops are mainly rapeseed, cottonseed, corn germ, rice bran, palm kernel, castor etc.

Variety Kinds of Oil Seeds for Oil Extraction

oilseeds for oil extraction

The adoption of oil extraction technology direct impact on the cost of production and the quality of the refined oil, cold pressed method as a kind of extraction technology is relative safer than solvent extraction oil.

Pretrement of Oil Mill Plant
pretreatment of oil mill plant Pretreatment is one of the important part of the entire oil mill plant which will use a series of equipments such as cleaning equipment, seed huller machine, seed separating machine etc. It improve the oilseeds production efficiency and save costs.

Pressing of Oil Mill Plant
pressing of oil mill plant Pre-pressing refers to process high oil-content oilseeds, full pressing is suitable for low-oil content seed, in addition, there are also hot pressing and cold pressing method. After this part, the oil cake will goes to solvent extraction plant to be processed.

Solvent Extraction Plant
solvent extraction plant In this part, the oil cakes are fully sprayed and soaked by solvent, yields miscella and deoiled meal which both containing oil, moisture and solvent.

Oil Refining Plant
oil refining plant The refining process is a very important part in oil mill plant, it use oil refining equipment to reduce the impurities (phospholipids, pigment, FFA, etc) in the edible oil and improve the oil quality.

If the above oilseed can not meet your requirement or you want to consult other oil extraction technology, welcome to contact us, our engineers will provide you with professional solutions! Years of installation experience and innovative ideas has given KMEC a depth of knowledge about the modern applications of oil mill plant.

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