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How to Establish An Oil Extraction Factory

As a matter of fact, the concept of extracting oil from seeds has gained popularity in the 21st century. Consequently, the establishment of oil extraction factory to meet the demands has become inevitable. Some of the seed crops that are being involved in the production of edible oil are; Ground nuts, Olives, Soya beans, among others. Indeed, the consumption of edible oil has been shown to have a positive correlation with the improvement in people’s living standards. Accordingly, the process of edible oil extraction through the oil extraction factory has proved to be a rewarding adventure to many manufacturers.

edible oil extraction

Starting an Oil extraction Factory

It is not difficult at all, but there are various factors that must be taken into consideration to make sure the whole process is successful.

  • Gather information regarding Edible Oil Industry i.e. Conduct thorough research It is important that you acquire knowledge on edible oil extraction industry. This is with regard to factors influencing the industry and market trends.
  • Formulate a business plan for the Edible oil Extraction Factory The business plan that you will formulate will be very important as it will act a reference point with regard to checking the progress of the business. Indeed, it is an important tool for monitoring the realization of goals and objectives of the business. It is important to note that failing to lay a plan for the business if laying your plan for failure (you can’t prosper in this without a business plan).
  • You need to consider relevant Raw Material sources You must think properly on the type of raw materials that you will require in the factory and then plan well on how you will get them. Concurrently, remember that the raw materials are the backbone of your edible oil extraction factory. Without the materials, it just means that you can’t produce any products for sale. Another very important factor to consider with regard to the raw materials is their availability. There are two methods through which you can solve the issue of the raw materials; first, you can have your own farm. Secondly, you can buy them from the farmers.
  • Carefully Consider the Location of the Factory Ensure that the oil extraction factory has been set in a place that is proximal to the relevant raw materials. As a matter of fact, relevant raw materials have to be adequate in order for the business to run smoothly and give the desired profit projections. The setting of the factory close to raw materials source is paramount to cutting the transportation cost for raw materials. If you have the financial capability you can just have your own farm to support your factory raw material needs.
  • Finally acquire necessary Funds The oil extraction factory like any other business cannot run without funds, equipments and a work force. Greatly, ensure that you have selected workers who have the necessary knowledge and experience to run machines. This is to ensure that you will be able to produce quality products which will leap the projected profit targets.

There you have it, important factors to consider when establishing an Oil Extraction Factory for Edible Oil. If you have other questions , welcome to send inquiry, we offer a complete service from conception to commissioning.

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