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5TPD Fish Oil Refinery Production Line in Philippines

Process of Fish Oil Refinery
Crude Fish Oil → Degumming → Separating → Degummed Oil → Neutralization →Separating → Neutralized Oil → Bleaching → Filtering → Bleached Oil → Deodorization → Deodorized Oil → Economic Cooling → Refined Fish Oil

Test: Crude fish oil from a domestic fish meal factory

Acid value (mgKOH/g) 12-14
Moisture content (%) 2.5
Impurities (%) 1

Project Introduction
This 5TPD fish oil refinery production line is build in Philippines, the whole production line is stainless steel material, our client's raw material is sardine fish etc sea fish oil, through refinery process(degumming, neutralization, decoloration, deodorization). Making those waste fish oil into refined fish oil, as deepsea fish oil capsule raw material.

5TPD fish oil refinery production line

5TPD fish oil refinery production line in Philippines
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